Casino Crime Roundup: Deadly Shooting at Nugget Casino Was Justified

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Casino Crime Roundup: Deadly Shooting at Nugget Casino Was Justified

Police said on Thursday that the recent fatal shooting in the parking garage of the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada, was warranted.

This probably indicates that Nicholas Gaylon, the gunman, won't face any legal action.

Vincent Wilks, who was wearing a ski mask, was in the garage on April 6 when he approached a parked automobile, according to preliminary information supplied by Sparks police, Reno, Nevada TV station KRNV reported. Gaylon was seated inside the car when Wilks opened the passenger door and brandished a gun at him, according to the police.

Gaylon shot Wilks, who subsequently passed away from his wounds, after realizing that his own life was in jeopardy. An suspected narcotics trade was linked to the event. 

According to investigators, Gaylon was not a part of the disastrous transaction.

Gaylon had consented to allow someone to ride in his vehicle. Police say that person was connected to the drug deal. According to authorities, the passenger wasn't there when the incident happened.


Man Charged with Having Intercourse with a Minor at a Casino

Recently, a man was taken into custody on suspicion of having sex with a minor at the River City Casino Hotel in Missouri.

According to KTVI, a St. Louis TV station, Christopher Recker of Affton, Missouri, was charged with second-degree child molestation.

Recker allegedly read an advertisement and went to the hotel attached to the gaming property on February 23. Police said that he paid the girl $150 for their sex. 

Recker was detained as of the beginning of this week after being booked. His $300,000 bond was set, and he was supposed to show up in local court.


Two More Sexual Arrests

Following a sex-trafficking investigation, two women were accused in February with enlisting, providing shelter to, and driving a sixteen-year-old girl to the same casino.

Both Mack Mitchell of Memphis, Tennessee, and Angel Henderson of Florissant, Missouri, were charged. The victim took part in several different incidents.

When a casino employee alerted police to suspected activities, the incident became public knowledge.

The parent business of the casino, Penn Entertainment, released a statement following the arrests. It stated, among other things: 


"We take the issue of combatting human trafficking very seriously. Every front-of-house employee … undergoes an extensive human trafficking training course, which outlines the prevalence of the problem, and it teaches our employees the signs and symptoms to look out for that may be indicative of human trafficking.”


The relationship between the double arrest and the Recker arrest is unclear.

What transpired with the adolescent in each episode was not disclosed by the police. Counseling is a common treatment for sex trafficking victims.